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Skinned his victims and decorated his house with their skins; portrayed as Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs
Handsome killer who lured young women into his car, often by faking an injury, then mutilated and raped them
New Yorker who killed 6 people, claiming he was keeping the demons quiet by doing as they wished.
Murdered boys of Asian and African descent, often involving sodomy and dismemberment
Had his 'Family' commit most of his murders; determined to rule the world
Famous spree killer in 1957-1958; Bruce Springsteen song 'Nebraska' written about him
Murdered prostitutes in London in 1888
Murdered at least five people in Northern California; wrote cryptic messages to the police
Murdered the suitors of her children; burned down houses to collect insurance
His nickname is derived from the method he used to murder his victims: Bind, Torture, Kill
Murdered numerous women in Washington; often strangled them and engaged in necrophilia
Killed young children, like Grace Budd, and ate them
Lured women to her house for rough sodomy, before murdering them with help from her husband
Known as the Night Stalker; still on death row in California
Respected member of society handcuffed and then raped and murdered young boys

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