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Can you name the words that start with D and end with A, B, C...?

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DefinitionWordEnding Letter
A set of numbers or information; normally used in statisticsA
To lightly touch or tap; usually applied to medicineB
One with a disorder impairing spelling abilityC
A sense of extreme fear or alarmD
To erase or removeE
An abnormally small person with atypical limb proportionsF
To pull along with difficultyG
A pastry or a term used to describe someone from DenmarkH
A shop selling ready-to-serve foodsI
Abrv. for someone who mixes or commentates popular musicJ
A stupid, inept, or foolish personK
A young woman or maidenL
A coarse cloth, usually made of cotton, used in various clothing itemsM
An administrative officer at a universityN
Slang for 'the same'; a duplicate or copyO
It's behind all the windows on your computer screenP
Abrv. for a franchise known for its ice creamQ
To decode or break down, usually referencing a cryptic messageR
The scattered remains of something brokenS
An obligation or liability to pay to someone elseT
Notorious concentration camp located in GermanyU
Abrv. for an American agency that administers driver's licensesV
A merciful strike which kills its recipient W
A two-family house, or a Ben Stiller movieX
An adjective usually used to describe a villain; cowardly and maliciousY
A scatterbrained or eccentric personZ

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