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QUIZ: Can you name the Total Film's Top 50 Sci-Fi Films, as voted for by Total Film readers?

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1Ridley Scott
2Irvin Kershner
3Stanley Kubrick
4Ridley Scott
5George Lucas
6Steven Spielberg
7James Cameron
8Christopher Nolan
9Larry and Andy Wachowski
10James Cameron
11James Cameron
12Robert Zemekis
13Richard Kelly
14Steven Spielberg
15James Cameron
16John Carpenter
17J.J. Abrams
18Franklin J. Schnaffer
19Steven Spielberg
20Andrew Stanton
21Philip Kaufman
22Michel Gondry
23Paul Verhoeven
24Steven Spielberg
25Stanley Kubrick
26Fritz Lang
27George Miller
28Terry Gilliam
29John McTiernan
30Terry Gilliam
31John Carpenter
32Andrei Tarksovsky
33Neill Blomkamp
34Paul Verhoeven
35Katsuhiro Otomo
36David Cronenberg
37Robert Wise
38Paul Verhoeven
39Duncan Jones
40Roland Emmerich
41Steven Lisberger
42George Lucas
43Fred M. Wilcox
44Joss Whedon
45Ishiro Honda
46Steven Spielberg
47Nicolas Roeg
48Mike Hodges
49Shane Carruth
50Roger Vadim

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