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Can you name the two combined movies (e.g. The Dark Knight and Day)?

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Kevin Spacey has a midlife crisis and runs away to an enchanted Disney castle
Haley Joel Osment sees dead people in a period drama
The final installment in an epic trilogy...starring Robert DeNiro as a struggling comic
James Bond seeks revenge on the man who murdered his friend's wife, while Uma Thurman makes her own revenge list...
Simon Pegg runs the London Marathon, but realises that he has just 20 minutes to save his boyfriend from mobsters
Tom Hanks searches for Matt Damon while one of his British officers has an affair with a married Irish woman
Joseph Fiennes falls for Gwyneth Paltrow, as well as Keira Knightley, Laura Linney and Emma Thompson
Robert Downey Jr. turns superhero and takes on Thomas More
A role-reversal remake of a Sidney Poitier film...starring the sexiest woman ever drawn.
The Dynamic Duo get an icy reception when they face the world's most famous outlaw.
Martin Sheen goes on the hunt for Marlon Brando, all the time not asking for the moon because he has the stars
Al Pacino seizes power and swaps identities with John Travolta

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