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Can you name the Battalion Wars 2 levels?

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See how the Iron Legion was ended. 
Solar Empire
Flame Vets, an AA vehicle, and a Tank are used here. 
Bazooka Vets are first used here. 
Assault Vets appear here. 
Recon unit is used, and it's easier to control. 
First use of Naval units. Try to keep the Frontier Grunts alive. 
Western Frontier
Artillery is used here, and much better in this game. 
First use of Gunships. Beware of Anti-Air units. 
First use of Heavy Tank and Mortar Vets. Careful in the final part. 
Anglo Isles
First use of Fighters. Take out AA Vets before Gunships appear. 
First use of Submarines. Easy mission. 
First use of Bombers. Easy, but take out enemies quick. 
Long but awesome mission. Use air units as your ground units move. 
Iron Legion
Legion battlestation + Legion AA Vets + Legion Gunship = pwnage. But difficult. 
Nothing special about this one, but you get to use Legion Heavy Tanks. 
See how the Legion almost beat the Solar Empire. 
Tundran Territories
Long but okay mission. Use your units wisely. 
First use of Dreadnought. Don't let enemy units gang up on you. 
Pretty easy. Nice arctic setting. 
Difficult mission. Use units from all 4 armies to finish Xylvania. 

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