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Frontier/Tundran war
First mission of the game 
You get to control a Tank in this mission. 
Easiest mission in the game, aside from the first. 
Anti-Air units are first seen in this level. 
Flame Veterans are first seen in this level. 
Don't those Tundran tanks look like modified tractors? 
Artillery units are first used here. 
Dune Sea campaign
Anti-Air units are first used here. 
Not too bad, but beware the Xylvanian tanks. 
Gunships are first used here. Careful of enemy Ack-Acks. 
You get to use a Bomber in this level. Pretty easy. 
Coral Atolls campaign
Think D-Day, but of a younger style, fewer cliffs, and no naval units.. 
Easy mission, and you get Solar assistance. 
Best mission in the game. Only air units are controlled. 
Don't lose the Gunships, else this mission becomes very difficult. 
First use of a Battlestation. Watch out for Gunships. 
Xylvania campaign
Tough mission. Watch out for enemy air units. 
Hard. You first see the Iron Legion in this mission. Their Gunships are powerful. 
Not too bad, but the Legion Tanks do more damage than you think. 
Final mission. Take out the Anti-Air units, and let the Tundran Gunships wreak havoc. 
Extra mission
Play as the Tundran Territories 
Play as Xylvania 
Play as the Solar Empire 
Play as the Iron Legion 

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