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What kind of car does Eli drive?
Wat is Adam's real name?
What is Drew's relation to Adam?
Who is on diet pills?
Who starts the Big D dance crew?
Sav taks what counsil position?
Who fakes a pregnancy?
KC takes what from his mom's apartment?
fter he gets drunk, who is KC is seen in the car with?
What is the theme of the dance?
What beverage does Drew order at The Dot?
Fiona's pig's name is...
What is the headline of the newspaper after Declan and Fiona kiss?
In the theme song what is Alli holding?
What is the name of Wesley, Connor, and Dave's band?
What is the name of the online game Connor plays?
What is Miss Oh's first name?
The principal of Degrassi is...
What grade did Wesley get on his Media Immersion test?
What does Anya say she craves during her fake pregnancy?

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