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Can you name the Opponents in Bobby Fischer's My 60 Memorable Games?

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Forced Order
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Too little, too lateSicilian Defence
Slaying the dragonSicilian Defence
Bear hugEnglish Opening
Tact and tacticsSicilian Defence
The unpleasant obligationSicilian Defence
A small oversightRuy Lopez
Pride goethKing's Indian Defence
Meat and potatoesRuy Lopez
Betwixt the cup and the lipSicilian Defence
Milking the cowRuy Lopez
Unheard melodiesSicilian Defence
Castling into itSicilian Defence
Something newSicilian Defence
Too many cooksSicilian Defence
A whopperSicilian Defence
Four QueensCaro-Kann Defence
A very near missSicilian Defence
Old wine in a new bottleKing's Gambit
A long voyage homeGruenfeld Defence
Theoretical scuffleCaro Kann Defence
A Queen for the KingKing's Indian Defence
Bad judgementKing's Indian Defence
No holds barredFrench Defence
Asking for troubleFrench Defence
When the Maroczy didn't bindSicilian Defence
Time will tellSicilian Defence
Sheer pyrotechnicsSemi-Tarrasch Defence
A peccable drawKing's Indian Defence
Hoist with his own petardRuy Lopez
A lyrical performanceKing's Indian Defence
The sincerest form of flatteryCaro-Kann Defence
The moral victorSicilian Defence
The drawing masterRuy Lopez
Hanging pawns unhungQueen's Gambit Declined
A briliant cadenzaSicilian Defence
Gaston and AlphonseRuy Lopez
Only a drawSicilian Defence
Detective storyRuy Lopez
The confrontationGruenfeld Defence
The ............ VariationSicilian Defence
A bright cameoScandinavian Defence
Playing by earSicilian Defence
The missing linkSicilian Defence
Shock treatmentEvans Gambit
GhostsTwo Knight's Defence
RompPirc Defence
The Indian Sign?Ruy Lopez
The brilliancy prizeGruenfeld Defence
A complex trapCaro-Kann Defence
Tour de forceEvans Gambit
Squeeze playRuy Lopez
Peekaboo strategyFrench Defence
Black magicNimzo-Indian Defence
.........'s night off from the ..........Sicilian Defence
The price of incautionSicilian Defence
The Fischer continuationRuy Lopez
Change of paceKing's Indian Defence
Flawed masterpieceSicilian Defence
The erring BishopKing's Indian Defence
When champions meetRuy Lopez

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