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Can you name the everyday items based on dirty sounding descriptions?

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I'm a four letter word that ends in 'UNT'. I get off on feet. People are desparate to get me off.
Touching me in the wrong place will turn me off. Your mother said if you abuse me, you'll go blind. I can get turned on in any room in the house.
I'm a word that ends in 'UCK'. I'm needed when you get too hot. I often have a lot of guys inside me.
I'm long and hard, even when I'm cold. After you screw me, I can take a load. You have to use me to achieve an erection.
When I penetrate, I'm boring. You could use me to polish your knob. I get stuck in your cavity.
I come with a large pair. Part of me is always hard. I'm an expensive piece of tail.
You can get me if you squeeze your melons. I am sticky and taste sweet. I come in almost every fruit.
You place your hot piece on me to get pounded. You're usually sweating when you hammer me. I usually get screwed on a bench.
After you turn me on, I get hot. I'm of no use until you screw me. If I'm not in tight, I could fall out.
If you wait too long, it's hard to get me off. When I come out, I'm white and gooey. I'm the sticky stuff that shoots out of your tube.
If you can't wipe me, blow me. You try to get me on the rag. Feathers really get me off.
I swing both ways. If I'm wide open, your pussy might slip out. If you don't bang me enough, I can get rusty.
If you see me in bed, you whack me off. The bigger I am, the louder you'll scream. Seeing what's between my hairy legs can make your skin crawl.
I have been taught to come on command. I want your bone. I like to chase pussy.
If you hammer me, I'll throb. If I'm pointing up, the answer is 'Yes'. If I'm pointing down, the answer is 'No'.
I'm long, hard, and point up. I have to be slippery for you to go down on me. You put your hands on me, then go up and down.

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