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The Simpsons move into a haunted house 
The Simpsons are abducted by aliens 
Retelling of Edgar Allen Poe's story 
Wishes come true, with horrible consequences 
Bart has powers to do anything he wants 
Mr. Burns puts Homer's brain into a robot 
Krusty doll tries to kill Homer 
Homer is a giant ape 
Bart raises the dead 
Homer sells his soul for a donut 
A monster that only Bart sees attacks the school bus 
Mr. Burns is a vampire 
No TV and no beer make Homer something something 
Homer travels back in time 
Springfield Elementary teachers eat the students 
Giant advertising mascots attack Springfield 
Groundskeeper Willie tries to kill kids in their dreams 
Homer stumbles into a new dimension 
Bart has an evil twin 
Lisa creates a tiny universe 
Kang and Kodos replace Clinton and Dole 
After a neutron bomb, Homer is the last man alive 
Bart switches bodies with a fly 
In colonial times, Marge is found to be a witch 
Snake's hair makes Homer evil 
Bart and Lisa get transported into an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon 
Kang is Maggie's real father 
After the Simpsons kill Flanders, a mysterious figure stalks them 
Bart and Lisa get superpowers and save Lucy Lawless 
Y2K happens 
Homer has to do one good deed to get into heaven 
Retelling of Hansel and Gretel mixed with other fairy tales 
Dolphins attack Springfield 
A gypsy puts a curse on the Simpsons 
The Simpson's new automated house tries to kill Homer 
Bart and Lisa are wizards, like Harry Potter 
Homer clones himself 
When Lisa rids the town of guns, cowboy zombies take over 
Dr. Hibbert turns people into animals 
Homer becomes the Grim Reaper 
Professor Frink reanimates his dead father 
Bart and Milhouse get a magic stopwatch 
Ned Flanders can see how people will die 
Lisa and Bart search for a murderer in Victorian England 
The Simpsons are shrunk down and eaten by Mr. Burns 
After Bart becomes comatose, he is replaced by a robot 
Mr. Burns hunts the deadliest game of all: man 
A witch turns all the townspeople into their costumes 
Homer becomes a giant blob 
Bart gets control of a stone golem 
Springfield citizens are fooled by a War of the Worlds broadcast 
Bart protects Kodos from the government 
Homer and Marge are both assassins 
Flanders scares the kids straight 
Alien robots come to Springfield 
Homer is hired to kill celebrities 
Milhouse searches for the Grand Pumpkin 
Bart makes a deal with Lisa to kill each other's teacher 
Krusty's new burger turns people into crazy cannibals 
Moe puts Homer's blood in a new beer, then tries to woo Marge 
Board games come to life 
On vacation, Homer and Marge pick up a drifter 
Lisa falls in love with a vampire 
Homer is paralyzed after being bitten by a spider 
Homer pretends to be God and tricks Flanders into killing people 
Bart and Milhouse use avatars to infiltrate an alien planet 
Lisa attempts to keep a mini black hole under control 
Homer videotapes unusual activity in the Simpsons' house 
Bart travels to the past and prevents Homer and Marge from falling in love 
Homer is a murderous parody of 'The Cat in the Hat' 
Bart's head is surgically attached to Lisa's body 
In a 1930's freak show, strongman Homer tries to acquire freak Moe's prized emerald by tricking Marge into marrying him 
Bart gets sent to school in hell 
Parody of A Clockwork Orange with Moe as Alex 
The Simpsons are haunted by ghosts of their past selves 
Sideshow Bob kills Bart, then continually reanimates him to kill him again 
Homer is a giant reptile that attacks Japan 
Milhouse and Lisa gain telepathic powers from radioactive waste 
Humans are hunted on a planet ruled by upholstery (Couch Gag) 
Lisa must compete with other children to have access to water 
Lisa's imaginary friend starts killing her real companions 
Moe recruits Bart to be a secret agent 
Maggie is possessed by a demon 
Lisa discovers an alternate world where everyone is a 3D puppet with button eyes 
After running out of food, Homer starts eating himself 

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