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A common breakfast foodPart of a series, sequential
A military rankA grain or seed of corn
Spun or rotated rapidlyThe earth, as a planet
An instrument played in pairs or with a drumstickAn image, letter, or other mark used as a designation
To stealA stringed musical instrument
A step on a ladderTwisted in order to dispel liquid
To gradually descend in waterIn harmony or accord
Without hairCried loudly
To slightly affect somethingA stage in growth or development
Lacking in finesse or smoothnessA direction or route to be taken
Tightly drawn, not slackingImparted knowledge to pupils
To acquire through meritA vase holding someone's ashes
One of four suits in a deck of cardsSurgically removed an animal's ovaries
A walkway between sections of seatsA small island
The act of being bornA space or position given to someone

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