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QUIZ: Can you name the commonly used Haloween words???

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ClueThe AnswerOther Clues
AnimalBad Luck
Green WomanRides a Broomstick
Witch Makes(In big pot)
Loud NoiseUsually From a Girl
DecorationThey Light Up
See ThroughDead
Comes from bodyRed
ClueThe AnswerOther Clues
Sucks Liquid from HumansHas Fangs
Half HumanTurns at Full Moon
StickFor Wizards
Special AbilitiesIf You Have This You Are a Witch or Wizard
Halloween Creatures Are____Ex.= Vampires, Werewolves, etc. aren't real.
No longer livingEx= The late mr.bla bla bla
Where we get buriedHas stones.

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