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Can you name the terms with 'break' in them?

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To fall apart
The third instillation of Stephanie Meyer's bestselling series
The most important meal of the day
A 1961 romantic comedy with Audrey Hepburn
A rock band with albums such as Phobia and We Are Not Alone
A popular song by Taio Cruz
A 1970's dance started in New York
A 1985 film including Emilio Estevez and Paul Gleason
The King's hit single released in 1956
A well-known theater term that simply means, 'good luck.'
Popular single from the album, 'The Script
A disc-shaped mint candy that also comes in fruity flavors
Billy Ray Cyrus single off the album Some Gave All
1991 action film starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves
A Britney Spears song from 2006 or a game to 'warm up' the group
Kelly Clarkson album, or a 1989 Donna Summers hit
Album that won a Grammy Award for best rock album in 2009
A time off from school
Slang for a prison escape
Cutting off a relationship
Round colored candy popular in the TV show Ed Edd, N Eddy

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