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Can you name the words or terms with 'Baby' in the name??

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Christmas single by Eartha Kitt and covered by Madonna
Stuffed animal company created by Ty Warner
R&B singer with hits It's No Crime and Tender Lover
The surge of births following World War II
Nursery rhyme from Mother Goose created in 1765
1 of the 2 songs not a hit on Michael Jackson's Thriller
Vanilla Ice song which samples Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie
Taking something at a slow pace
Type of meat taken from the ribcage and spare ribs of a pig
Sunday comic with characters Hammie, Wren, and Zoe
Debut single and album by Britney Spears
Lollipop brand created in 1998 popularized by jingle by the Jonas Brothers
A gum brand or someone who's sad
American candy made of peanuts and caramel
Children's clothes company with partners Old Navy and Banana Republic
Yellow sign or bumpersticker warning drivers
Infant entertainment company specializing in art, classical music, and poetry
Party thrown when she's expecting
Ann M Martin novels popular in the 1990s
1992 Sir-Mix-A-Lot hit

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