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Begins with Description
Anamed for its steep roofline
Bsingle story, no basement, cozy
Chome of queens & company
Dcalled this if it's separate from all other buildings
Euses soil against walls to reduce heat loss
FOld Macdonald lives here
GHawthorne's famous house had these
Imade of ice and/or snow
Kturkish home in the Ottoman empire
LAbe's house
Begins with Description
Mformulaic, inflated suburban home
Pafter WWII, main structure made ahead
Qraised house, in the Australian tropics
RHoss & Little Joe lived here
Spopular in Louisiana; bang!
Tfor some Native Americans
Usubterranean space
VPompeii had scads of them
W1940s UK specialty with concrete walls
Yportable dwelling for nomads of Central Asian steppes

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