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A small bug that collects pollen
To look at something
To go to court against someone
If you're adding things up, the total is called a
A tune you make without opening your mouth
A meat lots of people eat for Christmas
Something you where on your head
A feline
A container that's usually metal; a soda ___
Something you cook eggs in
A witty saying
You pull a lever and it makes a loud bang; the squirrel falls dead
A name for your stomach; 'You don't have the ___ to do it!'
A small house
The opposite of cold
Kind of like a -(10)
To decay or discompose
A small rodent
The past tense of (20)
I ___ on the chair because Bubbah has the sofa
The paste tense of bite
A small, winged creature that lives in dark caves
A small 'Welcome ___' was by their door
The past tense of the word that means: to become acquainted with someone. To ___ someone.
To stroke or rub; also a word for household animals.

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