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Can you name an nWo member who...

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...won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship? (1)
...was the Million Dollar Champion? (2)
...never worked for WCW? (1)
...won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship? (10)
...was also a member of The Four Horsemen? (4)
...won World War 3? (4)
...wrestled at WrestleMania I, other than Hulk Hogan? (2)
...won King of the Ring, other than Randy Savage? (3)
...won the WWE World Tag Team Championship? (13)
...won the WCW Hardcore Championship? (1)
...won the Cruiserweight Championship? (2)
...won the WWE European Championship? (3)
...won the US Championship? (12) a WWE Hall of Famer? (10)
...won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship? (3)
...main evented WrestleMania against another nWo member? (5)
...won the (WWE) World Heavyweight Title? (3)
...won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship? (1)
...was also a member of DX? (3)
...was a member of the nWo in both WWE and WCW? (5) deceased? (8)
...won the WWE Hardcore Championship? (3)
...won the AWA World Heavyweight Championship? (1)
...won the WWE Title? (6)
...won the WCW Tag Team Championship, but never with another nWo member? (9)
...won the WCW Television Championship? (11)
...has faced the Undertaker at Wrestlemania? (4)
...won the WWE Intercontinental Championship, other than Scott Hall? (9)
...never worked for WWE? (7)
...won the Royal Rumble? (4)

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