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Can you name the Walking Dead Characters By Picture?

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HintsAnswerExtra Info
Main Character, Police OfficerAlive
Crazy, Killed by Row OneDead
Row One's WifeDead
Row One's KidAlive
Another name for zombiesUndead
Duane's DadUnknown
Old FarmerAlive
Farmer's daughterAlive
Saved Rick From a tankAlive
Cut arm severely on highwayDead
Older woman, grey hairAlive
Morgan's SonUnknown
Youngest Daughter of FarmerAlive
HintsAnswerExtra Info
Doctor at CDCDead
Died at CDC With DoctorDead
Abused his wifeDead
Drove Rv, Stomach ripped open when killedDead
Left behind while sitting against a treeUndead
Saved rick and carl from burning barn in rvUndead
Hooded FigureAlive
In Charge of WoodburryAlive
Left on roof, lost his handAlive
Favorite weapon is a crossbowAlive
In Charge of the nusring home groupUnknown
Saved by hooded figureAlive

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