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What country made the first artificial Christmas trees?A) Russia B) United Kingdom C) Germany D) Austria
What Christmas movie is most played on TV?A) It's a Wonderful Life B) Santa Claus is Coming to Town C) A Charlie Brown Christmas D) A Christmas Story
Who was the first president to decorate the White House Christmas tree?A) Abraham Lincoln B) Franklin Pierce C) Millard Fillmore D) Zachary Taylor
'Jingle Bells' was originally meant for what holiday?A) Christmas B) Boxing Day C) New Year's Eve D) Thanksgiving
Where is the poinsettia plant originally from?A) Mexico B) Brazil C) Argentina D) Venezuela
In what year were electric lights first used in trees? A) 1900 B) 1895 C) 1902 D) 1891
Who created Rudolph as a holiday promotion?A) Sears B) Macy's C) Montgomery Ward D) Woolworth's
Which state's floral emblem is mistletoe?A) Kansas B) Oklahoma C) Nebraska D) Utah
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Which holiday plant is NOT poisonous to humans?A) Holly B) Pine trees C) Mistletoe D) Poinsettias
If you received all the gifts from the '12 Days of Christmas', how many gifts would you receive?A) 280 B) 386 C) 332 D) 364
How long did it take Charles Dickens to write 'A Christmas Carol'?A) Six days B) Six weeks C) Six months D) Six years
Which precious stone is sold more at Christmas than any other time of year?A) Diamonds B) Rubies C) Pearls D) Sapphires
In what year did Christmas become a national holiday in the U.S.?A) 1858 B) 1897 C) 1870 D) 1881
When were Christmas trees originally taken down?A) Day after Christmas B) Christmas Day C) New Year's Eve D) Epiphany
In Mexico, what color underwear do they believe you should wear on New Year's Eve if you want love in the new year?A) White B) Blue C) Red D) Purple

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