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Can you name the DotA Heroes (As of v6.69b)?

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Hero ClassHero NameTavern
WindrunnerSentinel Intelligence
Vengeful SpiritNeutral Agility
BeastmasterSentinel Strength
Sand KingNeutral Strength
Phantom AssassinScourge Agility
Dragon KnightNeutral Strength
Ogre MagiNeutral Intelligence
NetherdrakeScourge Agility
EnchantressSentinel Intelligence
TinkerNeutral Intelligence
Queen of PainScourge Intelligence
InvokerNeutral Intelligence
SpiritbreakerNeutral Strength
Bounty HunterNeutral Agility
BroodmotherScourge Agility
Dwarven SniperSentinel Agility
Tauren ChieftainSentinel Strength
AlchemistNeutral Strength
MorphlingSentinel Agility
Nerubian WeaverScourge Agility
Faceless VoidNeutral Agility
Drow RangerNeutral Agility
Soul KeeperScourge Agility
Dark SeerScourge Intelligence
EarthshakerSentinel Strength
Naga SirenSentinel Agility
Troll WarlordSentinel Agility
JuggernautSentinel Agility
ProphetSentinel Intelligence
Priestess of the MoonSentinel Agility
AdmiralSentinel Strength
Ancient ApparitionNeutral Intelligence
LifestealerScourge Strength
Bane ElementalScourge Intelligence
Hero ClassHero NameTavern
OmniknightSentinel Strength
Witch DoctorNeutral Intelligence
EnigmaScourge Intelligence
Chaos KnightScourge Strength
Shadow PriestNeutral Intelligence
Murloc NightcrawlerNeutral Agility
Ursa WarriorNeutral Agility
Clockwerk GoblinNeutral Strength
VenomancerScourge Agility
GeomancerNeutral Agility
BloodseekerScourge Agility
Doom BringerScourge Strength
Twin Head DragonNeutral Intelligence
MagnataurNeutral Strength
Necro'licNeutral Intelligence
Storm SpiritSentinel Intelligence
Lightning RevenantNeutral Agility
Stealth AssassinSentinel Agility
SilencerSentinel Intelligence
Bone FletcherScourge Agility
Guardian WispSentinel Strength
BatriderNeutral Intelligence
Anti-MageSentinel Agility
ButcherScourge Strength
WarlockScourge Intelligence
SpectreScourge Agility
GyrocopterSentinel Agility
SlayerSentinel Intelligence
LycanthropeScourge Strength
Lord of AvernusScourge Strength
Rogue KnightSentinel Strength
Moon RiderSentinel Agility
Shadow ShamanNeutral Intelligence
Tormented SoulNeutral Intelligence
Hero ClassHero NameTavern
Obsidian DestroyerScourge Intelligence
Death ProphetScourge Intelligence
Pit LordScourge Strength
Lord of OlympiaSentinel Intelligence
Stone GiantSentinel Strength
Pandaren BrewmasterSentinel Strength
Keeper of the LightSentinel Intelligence
Faerie DragonSentinel Intelligence
Nerubian AssassinScourge Agility
Crystal MaidenSentinel Intelligence
Slithereen GuardScourge Strength
LichScourge Intelligence
Lone DruidSentinel Agility
AxeScourge Strength
GorgonNeutral Agility
Phantom LancerSentinel Agility
Treant ProtectorSentinel Strength
Shadow FiendScourge Agility
NecrolyteScourge Intelligence
BristlebackNeutral Strength
Holy KnightSentinel Intelligence
OblivionScourge Intelligence
Centaur WarchiefSentinel Strength
Skeleton KingScourge Strength
Demon WitchScourge Intelligence
Goblin TechiesNeutral Intelligence
Far SeerSentinel Intelligence
TidehunterNeutral Strength
Shadow DemonScourge Intelligence
Sacred WarriorNeutral Strength
Templar AssassinNeutral Agility
Night StalkerScourge Strength
UndyingScourge Strength

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