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Forced Order
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'Swimming Pool, Sauna, Room for a Pony'
Hyacinth's Neighbor who regularly breaks Hyacinth's China and Royal Doulton with the Hand-Painted Perriwinkles
Hyacinth's Lower-Class brother-in-law who is work shy, bone idle, and Out of Condition
Hyacinth's neighbor who directs the local Amateur Operatic Society
She had the impudence to say in a loud voice during one of Hyacinth's Candlelight Suppers, 'I think Kiwi Fruit is so Lower-Middle-Class don't you?'
'I will not have pseudo-hyphenated people boasting about their holidays abroad while I'm playing a selection from 'Song of Norway'
Hyacinth's Son at the poly who majors in advanced needlework and tapestry designs
A bitter lady who works at the charity shop and believs in the therapeutic value of a bicycle
Hyacinth wishes she could have this family member at her house, but he does so monopolize the bathroom
Hyacinth's husband who works in the office of Finance and General Purposes and who was once caught playing with a frisbee
An old lady whose sister married a baronet. She once injured Hyacinth's husband with her walking stick in church
The Garden Center King whom Hyacinth invited to her 'Indoor-Outdoor Luxury Barbeque with Finger Buffet'
Hyacinth's youngest sister whose eyelashes are considerably longer than her miniskirts
The head of the department of Finance and General Purposes whom Hyacinth once invited for mulled wine and hot mince pies
Character Three's spouse who spends her time reading library books and is under the doctor for being dizzy. She's sure it's tidying up
One of Daddy's Polish acquaintances whose name begins with a handful of letters that would cause any self-respecting scrabble player to take up bridge
Character One's eccentric husband who once had tea with the wife of the Postmaster General. (They still have the plastic spoon.)
The Mock Tudor Two-Story Semi-Detached at corner of Oakdale Ave.She says she's going to the Caribbean; wouldn't surprise me if they only went for a Weekend Barb & Break at Bodner's

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