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Forced Order
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Opposite of previous
Another term for SMS
Something you use while camping
Christian Holiday
In a magnifying glass
Opposite of more
An untidy state
Swing and a ____
Condensed vapor
Clenched hand
Aquatic animal
This ran away with the spoon
Move quickly
Container designed to carry something
Decorative container
Metal clamp
A climbing plant
Tree with needle shaped leaves
The sheet of glass in a window
To breath quickly and heavily
A tirade made
The smallest in the litter
Another term for ski slopes
Distilled liquors made from sugar-cane
Male sheep
A slope for wheelchairs
A temporary accommodation
Type of fish
Musical instrument
To injure
A place where animals are raised
To create of give shape to
Strong or solid
Combustion or burning
Of high quality
To eat

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