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Year AttendingMemberClaim to Fame
1832Father of William Taft and Founder
1832Connecticut State Legislator and Founder
1837Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
1837U.S. Secretary of State
1849Yale President 1886–1899
1852President of the University of California, Johns Hopkins University, and the Carnegie Institution
1853Co-founder and first President of Cornell University
1855U.S. Senator
1861Governor and Chief Justice
1862US Secretary of the Treasury
1870Dean of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1876Yale President 1899-1921
187827th President of the United States
1880Founder of American Football
1888College football Hall of Fame coach
1888US Secretary of War
1889College Hall of Fame Football Coach
1889First Chief of U.S. Forest Service
1892Co-founder and first Dean, Yale School of Forestry
1892First chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
1894President of the Union Theological Seminary
1896Husband of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
1897Progressive leader
1900Congregational minister
Year AttendingMemberClaim to Fame
1900Chaplain at Yale
1906Director of Brown Brothers Harriman, Standard Oil, and Remington Arms
1908President of Yale 1937–1951
1910President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
1910U.S. Senator
1915poet and diplomat
1916Academy Award winner for The Philadelphia Story
1917CEO of Dresser Industries
1917U.S. Representative from New York
1918Director of Personnel at the CIA
1918US Secretary of Defense
1920co-founder of Time-Life Enterprises
1920co-founder of Time-Life Enterprises
1923U.S. Senator
1923created Fortune 500 list
1927co-founder of the New York Mets
1931Heir to H. J. Heinz Company
1936U.S. Representative
1936U.S. Supreme Court Justice
1939State Department liaison for the Bay of Pigs
1940Special Assistant for National Security Affairs
Year AttendingMemberClaim to Fame
1944U.S. Senator
1947U.S. Senator
19481st President of the United States and Father of George W. Bush
1950US ambassador to France
1950founder of National Review
1950Chair of United Nations Development Programme
1953Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
1955Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner
1957Director of Undergraduate Admissions
1959Chairman of Council on Foreign Relations
1963Governor of Oklahoma
1966Founder of FedEx
1966U.S. Senator
1967Tenn. State House
1968Four time Olympic Gold medallist swimmer
196843rd President of the United States
1968Ambassador to Australia
1968Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago
1969co-founder The Blackstone Group
1984President of Black Enterprise
1984Founder of ESL Investments
1990Political reporter for The Washington Post
1991Staff director to and chief economist of President Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board

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