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Can you name the Disney Villain by his/her Fashion?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionVillainVoiced by
An elegant monarch of a distant country. She wears a long flowing gown with an oversized pendant and a crown but can be also seen in a traveler's cloak.Lucille La Verne
This villain is always seen roaming in the dead of night in a black toga strapped by a sculled pin. His flaming blue hair is a trademark for this man.James Woods
This villain provokes his right as king of the jungle. He is constantly seen in orange and black stripes and is known for his distinct baritone voice.George Sanders
This villain is the self claimed mistress of all evil. She is seen in a flowing purple and black gown with a horned headress and a crow as a companion. She is always seen elegantlyEleanor Audley
This also prominant villain can be seen in a magenta pantsuit designed in colonial taste. He is seen with a jet black beard and ponytail alongside his faithful bulldog companion.David Odgens Stiers
This villain is a woman of noble status. She can be seen in a long designed gown with red, white, and black suits placed descretely in the dress.Verna Felton
This elegant woman is a socialite in a tasteful red evening gown all day long. Her teased gray hair completes herself as matriarch of the household.Eleanor Audley
This villain is always seen in a black and red noble gown complete with matching turban. He is never seen without his his dastardly parrot sidekick and serpant cane.Jonathan Freeman
This villain has no input on his fashion statement. He is always seen in fur. His black hair surronds his face but fails to cover the imperfection over his left eye.Jeremy Irons
DescriptionVillainVoiced by
An elegant sea expert who is always seen with a bumbling old man and a ticking crocodile. He usually wears a red overcoat and hat.Hans Conreid
This villain is regarded for her dysfunctional yet tasteful fashion. She is seen in a thin strapped black cocktail dress draped in a mink stole--although she wishes to change this.Betty Lou Gerson
This prominant villain is always seen in a judicial robe complete with large hat and train. He is notorious for his hatred of the less fortunate--and therefore seen in black.Tony Jay
This villain is usually seen in long underwear draped with a royal robe and crown. He wears this as temporary ruler of his kingdom.Peter Usinov
This voluptous villain can be seen constantly in an off the shoulder black cocktail dress with eight slits in the bottom. She also has pure white hair in an updo. Pat Carroll
This strapping brute can be seen in a hunters outfit at all times. He considers his bulging muscles the best way to woo the opposite sex.Richard White
This villain is seen as a skeletal being in a red robe. He has glowing red eyes when angered.John Hurt
A typically trashy, red-headed woman who wears plenty of make-up. She lives in a bayou off the coast of Louisiana and runs a pawn shop.Geraldine Page

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