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CharactersShowType of Show
Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, SophiaComedy
Tru, Davis, HarrisonParanormal
Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, FredComedy
Kate, Willie, Lynn, Brian, LuckyComedy
Dan, Rosie, JackieComedy
Danny, Jesse, JoeyComedy
Faith, Dawn, BuffyDrama
Mama, Vint, NaomiComedy
Reba, Barbara Jean, CheyenneComedy
Archie, Edith, MaudeComedy
Ralph, Alice, TrixieComedy
Sami, Hope, BoSoap
Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie BearVariety
Fred, Wilma, BettyAnimation
Fran, Mr. Sheffield, NilesComedy
CharactersShowType of Show
Tim, Jill, AlComedy
Tia, Tamera, LisaComedy
Christy, Miss Alice, FairlightDrama
Corky, Becca, Libby, Drew, ArnoldDrama
Hope, Faith, CharlieComedy
Lucy Knight, Tony Gates, Doug RossDrama
Ray, Debra, Marie, FrankComedy
Rachel, Ross, MonicaComedy
Kelso, Donna, KittyComedy
Carl, Harriet, SteveComedy
Sam, Cliff, RebeccaComedy
Drew, Kate, MimiComedy
Jack, Janet, ChrissyComedy
Cliff, Rudy, ClaireComedy
Carol, Harvey, Vicki, LyleVariety

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