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Forced Order
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Not really named Tony.
Sometimes he drinks a lot. Sometimes he misses rallies because he's on the terlet.
*Most* of us enjoy his updates on his son's little league career. Lives on the West Coast.
Provides BCB with minor league updates.
Creator of the intercontinental baseball championship. Vennegut fan.
Current resident lawyer, longest avg words per post.
BCBer from Rochester, NY. Also runs the NCAA Bracket.
Prolific Simpsons Quoter and Red Wings Fan
Professor who analyzed SBN commenting trends. Hails from deep within enemy territory.
BCB Fantasy commissioner in absentia.
Site Contributor, runs the daily link section
Runs the joint. Currently composing his 5000th ode to Khrush.
Dual Citzenship w/ Wisconsin and Nebraska.
Hates the Brewers. Works in high finance,
An enthusiast. Of a certain 78-92 Brewer.
Site contributor. Founder of the wildly popular 'Bias Confirmed' series.
Pitcher wins! Dingers! ERA! Bikes!
Keeper of the BCB Meme list. On a mission to bring back Futurama. Again.
Site Contributor, formerly Second Hand Store
Poster from Phillipines by way of Australia.
Head of the BCB commenters Union
Source for info related to being hit by a pitch. And I do mean ALL info.
European, does not generally discuss baseball. Member of the BCB Junta
Owner of the Rally bringer: Gorman the Dachsund. Used to run the site or something too I guess.
Causes injury to Brewers players through hubris.
Resident Photoshopper.Keeper of the Face of the Franchise series.

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