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Clue oneSpoonerismClue two
The annual police station calendar fundraiserIt comes buttered, salted or with icing sugar
An embarrased ravenThe winning strike in a battle
Just one card in the deck - mostly useful in last cardElementary my dear Watson, the sinks gave it away!
A Waldorf that gives you indigestionThis is how some people might classify 'Mr Bojangles'
Mallards you can rely onWhat lorry drivers get after driving through Arizona
Just like the patties in your Whopper burgerA psychologists financial paperwork
The 40th Commander in ChiefAtheist who lives on-site
What you might do early on if you were a contestant on SurvivorThe best way to deal with a man who tells untruths - fisticuffs!
Clue oneSpoonerismClue two
This used to be TenochtitlanReally Attractive Board of Trustees
What Miley wears over her face on her wedding day?Non-bacterial infections selling cheap
Trust me - I know what I'm talking aboutMake sure my faecal matter doesn't sleep through it
What a farmer might make out of dead grassFrozen herbs that fall from the sky
Cripple the already disabled (the ones that won't see it coming)Overthinking is at fault!
Gehrig gives his allA classic Schwarzenegger/Curtis movie
My, what an attractive and talented Chiroptera you areYour car won't go anywhere if you have one of these
Get a move on Mr. SpaceyEating Indian food is as good as the afterlife

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