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Money Made (In Millions)MovieStudio
$759.56320th Century Fox
$302.957Warner Brothers
$292.913Buena Vista
$277.313Warner Brothers
$255.954Warner Brothers
$219.60720th Century Fox
$208.979 Warner Brothers
$196.4420th Century Fox
$179.8620th Century Fox
$177.2320th Century Fox
$163.90 Disney
$145.00 20th Century Fox
$133.38 Columbia
$125.29 Warner Brothers
$120.52Weinstein Co.
Money Made (In Millions)MovieStudio
$119.25 Buena Vista
$115.65 Columbia
$107.50 Warner Brothers
$97.03 Universal
$93.92 New Line
$90.49 Lions Gate
$88.92 Columbia
$79.95 Summit
$78.90 Disney
$77.18Warner Brothers
$75.20 Focus Features
$73.34Overture Films
$73.02 DreamWorks
$72.09 Columbia
$71.35 DreamWorks
$68.31Screen Gems
$67.13 Disney
$66.37New Line

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