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Can you name the ins and outs of Mass Effect's Quarian Race?

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What is 'the pilgrimage'?
Which actress voices Tali?
The Quarians created the (answer), who later revolted and exiled the Quarians from their home planet.
Which two real-life religious/cultural groups are similar to the Quarians?
What is Tali's full name (as of Mass Effect 2)?
Why do Quarians wear helmets to shield their faces?
How long have the Quarians been exiled?
Quarians consider individual ships in the Migrant Fleet as separate (answer)
BackgroundAnswerExtra Trivia
Which Quarian can Shepard rescue while investigating human deaths on Freedom's Progress?
How many Quarians reside on board the Migrant Fleet?
Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo voices which Quarian?
Which ME2 crew member does Tali initially despise?
How many ships compose the Quarian Migrant Fleet?
Which overrun Quarian settlement possesses a dangerous sun that is harmful to any organic life?
Which Quarian does Adam Baldwin voice?
Is the Quarian race a member of the Galactic Council?

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