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Died on June 17, 1996 at age 36 in the Death ChamberA natural force that can be used to override the usual laws of nature
When his nephew gained admission into Hogwarts, Uncle Algie gave him one of theseYou cant get sorted without sitting on me
The Ministry of Magic banned me because I am a 'muggle artifact'If a hippogriff consents you can pat it or even do this to it
Hagrid overheard Snape and Dumbledore arguing here in Harry's 6th year Aguamenti gets rid of me
Hermione Granger's class ranka type of metal wand that Muggles use to kill each other
Harry made this to win his Felix FelicisIf Crookshanks isn't around to help, prod the Whomping Willow with one of these
Membership to this organization will cost you 2 sickles, but you may join just to get someone off your backBertha Jorkins works in this branch of the Ministry
This room was used for the Dueling Club and Apparition lessonsThe Chosen One's former sleeping quarters
Ignotus Peverell's family heirloomA great place to find a heavy, bloodstained axe or the chipped old bust of an ugly warlock
The Battle of the Lightning-Struck Tower took place hereThe Brockdale and Millennium and these... or at least they were until Death Eaters destroyed them

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