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Can you name the following people born between the dates of August 23-September 22?

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Dancer who didn't mind Singin' In The RainAug 23 1912-Feb 2 1966
The first female swimmer to ever win gold in the 100m backstroke in consecutive OlympicsAug 23 1982-
The first African-American woman to compete on the world tennis tourAug 25 1927-Sep 28 2003
He was the original James Bond and won an Academy Award for his role in The UntouchablesAug 25 1930-
Well known humanitarian who founded the Missionaries of Charities in Kolkata, IndiaAug 26 1910-Sep 5 1997
Canadian country-pop star who was married to a MuttAug 28 1965-
Comedian who is a Shallow Hal and is one half of the comedy rock duo Tenacious DAug 28 1969-
Actress who is best known for her role as Ilsa Lund in CasablancaAug 29 1915-Aug 29 1982
Republican nominee and runner up in the 2008 US Presidential ElectionAug 29 1936-
To put it simply, he is the King of PopAug 29 1958-Jun 25 2009
Billionaire investor who was considered the richest man in the world by Forbes magazine in 2008Aug 30 1930-
The recipient of the inaugural YouTube Visionary Award in 2008Aug 31 1970-
She played a dancing vampire queen in From Dusk Til DawnSep 2 1966-
All he got for robbing trains and banks was a bullet to the back of the headSep 5 1847-Apr 3 1882
Frontman of QueenSep 5 1946-Nov 24 1991
She may have been Crazy if she went Walkin' After MidnightSep 8 1932-Mar 5 1963
The host of Wild On! and Rock Star, plus she won the seventh season of Dancing With the StarsSep 8 1971-
Author of books including James and the Giant PeachSep 13 1916-Nov 23 1990
Crime novelist who created the characters Hercule Poirot and Miss MarpleSep 15 1890-Jan 12 1976
The Thrill definitely isn't Gone when this blues legend takes the stageSep 16 1925-
Former Arkansas state employee who sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassmentSep 17 1966-
He survived cancer and won a record seven consecutive Tour de Frances in the processSep 18 1971-

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