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Can you name the following people who were born between November 22-December 20?

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British model who topped FHM's 100 Sexiest Women of the World List in 2005.Nov 23 1979-
Baseball legend who is known as the 'Yankee Clipper'.Nov 25 1914-Mar 8 1999
Mexican born actor who played Mr. Roarke in the TV show Fantasy Island.Nov 25 1920-Jan 14 2009
American cartoonist who is most known for the comic strip Peanuts.Nov 26 1922-Feb 12 2000
Her hit songs include What's Love Got To Do With It and Private DancerNov 26 1938-
Martial artist who starred in films such as Fist Of Fury and Enter The DragonNov 27 1940-Jul 20 1973
Guitarist who often played in a 'Purple Haze'.Nov 27 1942-Sep 18 1970
American author whose books include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Great Adventures of Tom Sawyer.Nov 30 1835-Apr 21 1910
British politican who served as Prime Minister from 1940-1945 and from 1951-1955.Nov 30 1874-Jan 24 1965
Comedian who went on to direct films such as Annie Hall and Manhattan.Dec 1 1935-
Stand up comedian who went on to star in films such as Car Wash and Which Way Is Up.Dec 2 1940-Dec 10 2005
Tennis player who unfortunately was stabbed on-court in her prime Dec 2 1973-
Italian fashion designer who was murdered outside of his Miami home.Dec 2 1946-Jul 15 1997
Pop star who went from the Mickey Mouse Club to being the ex-wife of K-Fed.Dec 2 1981-
Rock singer who once bit the head off a bat and relieved himself at The Alamo.Dec 3 1948-
Rapper who married an R&B star and is a part-owner of the New Jersey Nets.Dec 4 1970-
Legendary entertainment mogul who created an iconic rodent and has a couple of theme parks named after him.Dec 5 1901-Dec 15 1966
Inventor of the cotton gin.Dec 8 1765-Jan 8 1825
American actress who went from being a feisty reporter to a Desperate Housewife.Dec 8 1964-
French apothecary who is noted for his book, Les Propheties, a collection of his prophecies.Dec 14 1506-Jul 2 1566
British inventor who invented a lamp named after him.Dec 17 1778-May 29 1829
American director whose films include a giant man-eating shark and an alien who just wanted to phone home.Dec 18 1946-

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