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Can you name the following people who were born between September 23-October 22?

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American journalist who has hosted 20/20 and is a co-creator and host of the talk show The ViewSep 25 1929-
Actress who has starred in shows such as T.J. Hooker and Melrose PlaceSep 25 1961-
Welsh actress whose husband is exactly 25 years her seniorSep 25 1969-
Born as John Chapman, he is primarily responsible for introducing apple trees to parts of the midwestSep 26 1774-Feb 18, 1845
Actress who has acted in movies such as Sliding Doors and Shakespeare In LoveSep 28 1972-
Italian actress and fashion model who had roles in films such as Bram Stroker's Dracula and the last two movies in The Matrix trilogySep 30 1964-
Indian political and spiritual leader who's birthday is a national holiday in IndiaOct 2 1869-Jan 30, 1948
Attorney who defended some notable high profile clients, including O.J. SimpsonOct 2 1937-Mar 29, 2005
Frontwoman of No Doubt who has also had some success with a solo careerOct 3 1969-
Actress who is best known for her role as Laney Boggs in the high school romantic comedy She's All ThatOct 4 1979-
Penguin great who won three Hart Trophies and is 7th on the NHL's all-time scoring listOct 5 1965-
British television producer and A&R executive who is best known as being the 'brutally honest' judge in the reality TV show American IdolOct 7 1959-
Co-founder of The Beatles who went on to have a successful solo career before he was murderedOct 9 1940-Dec 8, 1980
NFL quarterback who holds a majority of records, including passing yards and touchdownsOct 10 1969-
She was the Prime Minister of the UK from 1979-1990, being the only woman to have ever held the positionOct 12 1925-
Italian opera tenor who was a member of The Three TenorsOct 12 1935-Sep 6, 2007
Comedian who was known for his obscene stand up routines and being granted the first posthumous pardon in New York state historyOct 13 1925-Aug 3, 1966
She is best known for her role as Chrissy Snow in the sitcom Three's CompanyOct 16 1946-
Rapper who is known for his controversial lyrics and feuds with other rappers and singers, including Mariah CareyOct 17 1972-
Rock and roll pioneer whose songs include Johnny B. Goode and Rock and Roll MusicOct 18 1926-
Tennis legend who has won 18 grand slam titles, 31 grand slam women's doubles titles, and 10 grand slam mixed doubles titlesOct 18 1956-
According to Joel McHale, she is famous for 'having a big butt and a sex tape'Oct 21 1980-

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