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Can you name the following people born between the dates of July 23-August 22?

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Former White House intern who had an affair with a President of the United StatesJul 23 1973-
The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic OceanJul 24 1897-Jul 2 1937?
Controversial baseball player who is MLB's all time home run leaderJul 24 1964-
Dancer/actress/singer who's had relationships with Diddy and Ben AffleckJul 24 1969-
Frontman of The Rolling StonesJul 26 1943-
Body builder turned actor turned Governor of CaliforniaJul 30 1947-
The 'shorter' half of the gold winning female US beach volleyball team in 2004 and 2008Jul 30 1977-
Author of the Harry Potter seriesJul 31 1965-
Writer of the lyrics to the Star-Spangled BannerAug 1 1779-Jan 11 1843
She served five months in prison after being convicted of lying about insider trading in 2004Aug 3 1941-
The first President of African-American descent in US historyAug 4 1961-
The first person to set foot on the MoonAug 5 1930-
Comedienne who starred in the 50's sitcom I Love LucyAug 6 1911-Apr 26 1989
He holds the male record for career Grand Slams in tennis with 15Aug 8 1981-
R&B singer who was the female lead character in the 1992 film The BodyguardAug 9 1963-
Fake Jamaican infomercial psychic of the late 90's, early 00'sAug 12 1962-
Director of films such as Psycho and The BirdsAug 13 1899-Apr 29 1980
Longtime President of Cuba who was succeeded by his brotherAug 13 1926-
The first woman of African-American descent to win a Best Actress Academy AwardAug 14 1966-
Pop star icon who is known for pushing boundaries in her music videosAug 16 1958-
The 42nd President of the United StatesAug 19 1946-
Frontman of Led ZeppelinAug 20 1948-

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