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Can you name the following people who were born between December 21-January 19?

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American actress who's best known as Erica Kane in the soap opera All My ChildrenDec 23 1946-
She is the first woman to ever hold the position of Britain's poet laureateDec 23 1955-
Legendary American actor who's known for his roles in films such as Casablanca and the African QueenDec 25 1899-Jan 14 1957
This English singer/songwriter won't have a White Flag at her door anytime soonDec 25 1971-
Former chairman of Marvel Comics who had a hand in creating heroes such as Spider-Man, X-Men, etcDec 28 1922-
Influential rock & roll musician who was well known for playing a square-shaped guitarDec 30 1928-Jun 2 2008
This Cablinasian golfer has won the second most major golf tournaments in PGA historyDec 30 1975-
This 'King' on the hardcourt is the NBA's reigning league MVPDec 30 1984-
She is credited for creating the first American flagJan 1 1752-Jan 30 1836
British comedian/actor who's known for his work in sitcoms such as Blackadder and Mr. BeanJan 6 1955-
African-American author who's best known for her novel Their Eyes Were Watching GodJan 7 1891-Jan 28 1960
Former Today Show co-host who currently hosts the CBS Evening NewsJan 7 1957-
With hits such as Jailhouse Rock and Heartbreak Hotel, it's no wonder he's known as the King of Rock & RollJan 8 1935-Aug 16 1977
Guitarist who was a member of The Yardbrids and Led ZeppelinJan 9 1944-
Turncoat American General whose name is now synonymous with traitorJan 14 1741-Jun 14 1801
American actress who's had roles in films such as the original Thomas Crown Affair and Mommie DearestJan 14 1941-
English actress who made her film debut in the movie Breaking The WavesJan 14 1967-
British model who is currently married to White Stripes' singer Jack WhiteJan 14 1979-
Civil Rights activists who is noted for his famous I Have A Dream SpeechJan 15 1929-Apr 4 1968
R&B singer and actress whose career was unfortunately cut short due to her plane crashing in the BahamasJan 16 1979-Aug 25 2001
Controversial boxer whose famous fights include the Thrilla In Manila and Rumble In The JungleJan 17 1942-
Blues/rock singer who's known for songs such as Piece Of My Heart and Cry BabyJan 19 1943-Oct 4 1970

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