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Book VersionDifferenceMovie Version
Katniss is given the pin by the Mayor's daughter, Madge. This comes as a surprise as she thought Madge didn't like her. The pin is explained to be a subtle dig at the The Capitol,
Haymitch is drunk at The Reaping and falls off the stage.
Peeta's dad brings Katniss cookies, making her realize he liked her all along. She later throws the cookies off the train as she realizes she might have to kill Peeta to get back t
They ask Haymitch for advice on the train, as he's their mentor, and he responds with 'Here's some advice, stay alive.' Then he laughs.
Haymitch eats in the first scene we see him, he takes a roll with him out of the room.
Haymitch tells Katniss to do exactly what the stylists want, as they are there to help her attain sponsors.
In the book, Cinna shouts that they should hold hands in front of the opening procession crowd.
Haymitch tells Katniss and Peeta to stay close to each other during training, and not to show off any special skills.
Peeta's mom mentions District 12 might have its first winner, but then clarifies, referring to Katniss, 'She's a survivor'.
Doesn't exist.
When Katniss attacks Peeta after his 'crush' admission during the interview, he falls into an urn and cuts his hand on the shards.
Katniss recognizes a red-headed Avox who is serving her.
The Mockingjay pin 'barely cleared the review board'.
As Katniss and Cinna are talking, right before games start, a glass tube lowers and separates them. He's close to the glass and motions for Katniss to keep her head high.
In the opening minute of the games, when no one is allowed to move, Katniss sees a bow and arrow. She wants it, but sees Peeta, possibly shaking his head, where upon the sun gets i
Katniss struggles for a full day before finding water. She asks, out loud, for Haymitch to send her water via a sponsor. He doesn't, which makes her think she's close to water …
Book VersionDifferenceMovie Version
The Gamemaker sends a fire to force the tributes back together. Katniss runs away with deer and forest animals, though they are faster than her.
Doesn't exist, though Katniss surmises what the general public and gamemakers are thinking at various points.
Gifts from sponsors come without notes, and Katniss is left to interpret what each one means.
Rue points out the Tracker Jackers, but more as a warning to Katniss as to their proximity in the tree.
Rue is speared by a boy from District 1 while still in the net.
Doesn't exist.
After Rue's death, Katniss receives a gift from District 11.
In the book Katniss believes the 'romance' angle is an act to lure sponsors.
Katniss receives a sleeping potion from Haymitch, which she uses to drug Peeta so she can go get him medicine.
While Peeta is trying to recover from his cut, Katniss tells him a story about how she attained a goat for her family. The goat was sick (which was the only reason it was for sale)
Thresh lets Katniss live after figuring out that Katniss was kind to Rue.
When the gamemakers announce that only one tribute can live (again) Katniss thinks Peeta is trying to kill her so she draws an arrow across her bow.
Beasts are released into the arena that have the eyes of dead tributes. They walk upright upon occasion.
Cato remains psychotic to until the end, but doesn't give any grand speeches.
In the book Peeta realizes Katniss thinks they were 'faking it' the entire time. He's heartbroken.

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