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Can you name the Crash: Mind over mutant terms/characters?

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Main Character
can't speak in words 
Crash's sister
Brains of main characters family 
Crash's brother
Muscular cyborg friend of main characters 
Main Bad guy (evil scientist)
headmaster of Evil school 
Mask that accompanies Crash
player 2 can play as him 
Main bad guy's right hand man
claims he created everything evil 
Main bad guy's niece
student of Evil public school 
Main source of money
helps you level up your character and mutants 
Name of the new device sent to the Bandicoot family
It's an evil device!!! 
Fastest mutant in the game
he roles 
First jackable mutant you meet
ice power!!!! 
A nasty mutant with an awful throwing up problem
very squishy and slow 
A mutant with a large wing-span
great at making tornado's 
Ghostly mutant
can slow down time 
they love to play rock, paper, scissors
you can not jack these mutants 
these primates have mad hops
you can not jack these mutants 
pesky students of evil public school
you can not jack these mutants 
Little annoying round mutants
you can not jack these mutants 
Crash's right hand man's evil brother
'Stop feeding me cake!!!' 
flaming fury
by fare slowest storable mutant there is 
A huge mutant that very few dare to fight
reminds a lot of people of donkey kong 
mutant that fires flaming balls at the enemy
awesome plumage and loves rapid fire 
Mutant with an awesome jet ski hair style
large spikes come out of his back 
A mutant in a space suit
has a really bad smell problem 
A fish with mind control
He can do the Thriller dance 
the first land walking octopus mutant
He's a real pro scottish guy 
first mutant you meet
you can not jack these mutants 

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