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Lyrics of the song.Name of the song.
Pure black looking clear, my work is done soon here, try getting back to me, get back what you used to be.
Love is a four letter word, and never spoken here.
You've been dying since the day you were born, you know its all been planned, the quartet of deliverance rides
And I've been here, I've been there, I've been every **** where.
But now the dreams and waking screams that everlast the night, so build the wall behind it crawl and hide until its light.
Hold my breath as I wish for death, oh please god wake me.
Scanning the scene in the city tonight, we're looking for you to start up the fight, theres an evil feeling in our brains.
Give me fuel give me fire give me that which I desire!
Luck runs out.
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye. Goodbye.
Lyrics of the song.Name of the song.
Say your prayers, little one don't forget my son, to include everyone.
So let it be written, so let it be done, i'm sent here by the chosen one.
Dig for gold, dig for fame, you dig to make your name. Are you pacified?
Needle work the way, never you betray, life of death becoming clearer.
Wait for the sign to flip the switch of death, its the beginning of the end.
Rover, wanderer. Nomad, vagabond. Call me what you will.
No more can they keep us in. Listen damnit we will win. They see it right they see it well but they think this saves us from our hell.
**** it all and no regrets I hit the lights on these darks sets. I need a voice to let myself, to let myself go free.
Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel was just a freight train coming your way.
Adrenaline starts to flow. Your thrashing all around. Acting like a maniac.

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