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Can you answer these questions on the cranial nerves? This quiz looks at the location of nerves in the brain, the foramina they pass through, their function and the effect of lesions.

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Which nerves are involved in motor control for the larynx?List all answers with cranial nerves in ascending number order (I --> XII). In answers use 'and' and commas.
Cranial nerve XI passes through which foramina?Cranial nerve XI is special due to the path it takes
Which cranial nerves do not originate from the brain stem?
Cranial Nerve IV exits the brain stem from which aspect?Cranial Nerve IV is the only one to do this
The Vestibulocochlear nerve takes sensory information from the internal auditory meatus. True or false?
Muscles that can control facial expression are innervated by which nerves?Facial expression can be controlled by various muscles on the head
A lesion to cranial nerve I causes reduced taste and smell, but not of ammonia. Which nerve is involved in sensing ammonia in this scenario?
Which cranial nerve is sometimes manipulated through a device placed near the heart to control epilepsy?
Which foramina does the mandibular nerve pass through?From the middle cranial fossa
Which cranial nerve does not exit the cranium?
Which cranial nerves are involved transmission of somatosensory information for the ear?Use the branch of a cranial nerve if appropriate
Which foramina in the middle cranial fossa do special sensory cranial nerves pass through?
When damaged which nerve would cause a change in sensation across the anterior aspect of the scalp?
A lesion in which cranial nerve causes the tongue to deviate in one direction?
Which nerves are involved in taking special sensory information for taste?Use commas to separate words.
Sensory information from the nasopharynx is received by which nerve?
The superior oblique muscle gains motor innervation from which nerve?
The posterior cranial fossa holds which foramina that cranial nerves pass through?List answers from most anterior to most posterior foramina)
A lesion to cranial nerve VI will cause what kind of squint?Can be in lay terms or using technical language
Which bone does cranial nerve I pass through?Just stating the structure is not enough. Need to state the bone.

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