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Whose night is it?Kool and the Gang
You heard it through what apparatus?Marvin Gaye
How do you feel?James Brown
If you like it, then what should you put on it?Beyonce
Where should you take me?Phil Collins
Who should you belong with?Taylor Swift
What do you have a vision of?Mariah Carey
Who have you been hit by?Michael Jackson
What works against you, and brings you down?John Mayer
If you have more money, what do you also attain on a more frequent basis?Notorious B.I.G.
What can't you touch?MC Hammer
What did you do again?Britney Spears
What does the baby have?Sir Mix-A-Lot
How many problems do you have?Jay-Z
What kind of nature is it?Madonna
QuestionAnswerAccording to...
What do you possess that brings all the boys to the yard?Kelis
What should you not stop?Rihanna
In which direction did you get knocked?Chumbawamba
What is your favorite time of the year?Will Smith
Where should your pants not be?General Larry Platt
You just flopped a full house. What should your expression be?Lady GaGa
If you want to be a lover, what first must you become?Spice Girls
What do you believe you can do?R. Kelly
Working makes you harder, better, stronger and what else?Daft Punk
If you're a genie in a bottle, which way should you be rubbed?Christina Aguilera
After stopping and collaborating, what's the next action you should perform?Vanilla Ice
If it's getting hot at your location, should you be fully clothed?Nelly
In what way should you let it become?The Beatles
What year should you party like?Prince
The devil traveled to what U.S. state?Charlie Daniels Band

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