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QUIZ: Can you name the answer to Sporcle honesty questions?

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Do you believe in people having multiple accounts, as long as they create good quizzes?
Do you think that ''Type Go to Start'' quizzes are pointless?
Do you automatically rate your quizzes a 5?
Do you visit the User Control quizzes more than Sporcle Published quizzes?
Do you get irritated when a user creates 7 straight quizzes, thus bumping yours off the ''recently released'' list?
Do you copy other users' ideas for a quiz?
Do you get irritated when a user created quiz is in the default color?
Do you hate quizzes that only have 1 answer (if they are not funny)?
Do you believe the Holiday section of Sporcle should be replaced with something more meaningful?
Do you think the Sports section should be split up between Big 4 U.S. Sports and everything else?
Do you believe NASCAR and pro wrestling quizzes belong in the sports section?
Are you tired of people arguing over Tom Brady and Peyton Manning?
Do you think there should be a Sporcle forum so that Sporcle users can interact more with each other?
Do you miss the old format?
Do you think that Sporcle should allow more than 7 quizzes per month, as long as the quizzes are good?
Do you hate opinion quizzes without a source?
Do you think people who create ''Type Go to Start'' quizzes do so purposely just to get a lot of hits?
Do you use Sporcle to finish homework or a school project?
Do you view oranges differently because of Sporcle?
Do you think Sporcle should allow quiz creators to have a mistake counter (like the U.S. area code quiz)?
Do you hate it when people claim that you copied one of their quizzes when really yours came out 3 months before their quiz?'

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