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Can you name the Progressives and Imperialists?

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a new method of making steel from coal, which cut the cost of steel
a business leader who became wealthy through dishonest methods
a business leader who helped who helped the economy by honest methods of business
a business owned by investors who buy part of the company through shares of stock
a company that wipes out it competitors and controls an industry
This man believed the best way to make money was to put his competitors out of business through trusts
This man believed the best way to beat his competitors was by making the best and cheapest product
A legal body created to hold stock in many companies often in the same industry
A method used to buy out competitors and control an industry
A methodof controlling all processes related to the manufacturing. (Ex. Buying resources, manufacturing and distribution)
A person who gives large amounts of money to charities
An era in the late 1800s of great wealth and where industry and cities grew rapidly
Places where workers labored long hours under poor conditions for low wages
a labor union that included men and women, white and black from different trades
a labor union focused on wokring conditions by using strikes, boycotts and negociations
a belief that all members of a society are equal owners of a business, where work and profits are shared
The entrance into America for Europeans
The entrance into America for Asians
America's description of America as a place where cultures blend
the process of blending into/adapting the values
Banned Chinese immigration for ten years in 1882
The growth of cities that resulted from industrialization (industrial boom)
an apartment house that is usually run-down and overcrowded
A reformer that founded Chicago's Hull House
This place helped immigrants and poor people improve their lives by offering services (ex. daycare, healthcare, education)
an organization that influences enough votes to control a local government
A term noting the belief in the goodness of people and democracy. Goals were to reform government, promote social welfare and create economic reform
A group of writers that exposed the corruption in America
The first progressive president that had strength and leadership in politics
made it illegal for corporations to gain control of industries by forming trusts (1890)
the right to vote
Amendment giving women full voting rights in 1920
the policy by which stronger nations extend their economic, political and military control over weaker territories
Purchased from Russia in 1867. This was a resource-rich territory
Americans and natives overthrew Queen Liliuokalani in order to be closer to Asia and set up the naval base, Pearl Harbor
an exaggeration of stories in newspapers or magazines that attempt to lure or persaude readers
a war that began when the U.S. demanded Cuba's independence from Spain
First United States Volunteer Calvary organized by Teddy Roosevelt
This gave the U.S. the right to intervene in Cuban affairs anytime there was a threat in Cuba
An area where foreign nations claimed special rights and privileges
U.S. Secretary of State John Hay asked nations around the world that no single country should have a monopoly in trade with China
A violent rebellion of a group of Chinese that were angered by the presence and disrespect of foreigners
a shortcut through Panama that connects the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean
This authorized the U.S. to intervene in Latin America's domestic affairs when they bellieved that such action was necessary to maintain stability. In other words, this authorized

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