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What is the allocation of specific work tasks to individuals and groups?
What job design employs people in clearly defined and very specialized tasks?
What is the total mechanization of a job?
What increases task variety by periodically shifting workers between different jobs?
What increases task variety by combining into one job two or more tasks previously assigned to seperate workers?
What increases job depth by adding work planning and evaluating duties normally performed by the supervisor?
These members make many decisions about how they do their work.
This alternative compensates workers by the number of job-relevant skills they master.
This allows a worker to complete a full-time job in less then five days.
This, also called flextime, gives employees some choice in daily work hours.
This work scheduling alternative splits one job between two people.
This involves using IT to work at home or outside the office.
What isit called when someone is temporarly employed for less than standard 40-hour workweek?
Who are employed on a part-time and temporary basis to supplement a permanent workforce?

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