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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions based on the novel 'East of Eden'?

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What is the name of the author? 
The _______ Valley 
In what year was the author born? 
Which biblical story does the book often parallel? 
In what tense is the book written? 
Name the Trasks
The patriarch of the Trask family ('Military Hero') 
We are not told her name! 
Quiet and rarely smiles 
A goodhearted but somewhat impractical man 
Plays the Cain role in the first generation of the Trask family 
Plays the Abel role in the second generation of the Trask family 
A tempestuous boy 
Name the Hamiltons - Men
The eldest son 
Indirectly causes the death of his sister 
Practical and conservative he has a Midas touch in business dealings 
The youngest son 
BONUS QUESTION What is the name of Samuel Hamilton's horse? 
Name the Hamiltons - Women
The eldest daughter 
Her death crushes her father and ages him considerably 
Runs a dressmaking shop in Salinas 
Becomes a teacher (The mother of John Steinbeck) 
The youngest daughter 
BONUS QUESTION What country do the Hamiltons originate from? 
What is Cathy's surname? 
What Colour are Cathy's eyes? 
How did Cathy murder her parents? 
Complete the Quote
'I believe there are ________ born in the world to human parents.' 
'There are no ____ questions except those clothed in condescension.' 
'Our species is the only ________ species, and it has only one ________ instrument, the individual mind and spirit of a man.' 
'A man who gets few letters does not open one ______.' 
What does Adam attempt to transport to the East Coast? 
Where on his body is Adam shot? 
Which family does Adam buy his fertile farm from? 
What kind of shop did Lee wish to open? 
What type of English does Lee sometimes speak? 
What hairstyle does Lee originally have? (The Manchu sign of slavery) 
Final Quiz
What does the young Adam give his father as a birthday gift? 
Where does Aron go to college? 
What street is Kate's brothel on? 
How does Charles get his scar? 
In what war is Aron killed? 
What is Horace Quinn's occupation? 
What is the translation of the Hebrew word 'timshel'? 

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