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Can you name the SpongeBob Characters?

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Yellow Sponge
Dumb Starfish
SpongeBob's Neighbor
Owner of the Krusty Krab
Owner of the Chum Bucket
Boating School Teacher
Weight Lifting Lobster
Plankton's Wife
SpongeBob's Squirrel Friend
Squidward's Rival
Ruler of the Sea
SpongeBob's Pet Snail
Mr. Krabs Daughter
The Green Ghost
Evil Bubble
Villain Shaped Like a Sting Ray
Patrick's Sister
Owner of the Milkshake Academy
The 'My Leg!' Fish
Spongebob's Rival
Boating School Bully
Old Fish
Spongebob's Seahorse
Bikini Bottom's Doctor
Squidward's Snail
Patrick's Pet Rock
Karate Master
Owner of Karate Island
Sandy's Bosses(Name One)
SpongeBob's Littering Cousin
Future SpongeBob
Future Patrick
Spongebob's Other Cousin
SpongeBob's Uncle
SpongeBob's Dream Enemy(Who is Actually Real)
Really Tan Man
The Bouncer at the Salty Spitoon
Mr. Krabs Grandpa
Smooth Jazz Musician
Drawing of SpongeBob
Plankton's Pet Amoeba
SpongeBob's Bubble Friend
Bubble Buddy's Kid
The Amazing Artist
He Was Number One!
Has a Spatula as a Hand
SpongeBob's 'Bodyguard' Who Wants to Kill Him

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