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Forced Order
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First LineSong
The sun has born a brand new day, conscience has been cast away.
We're living underneath the land of sorrow, I can hear the bombs rain down.
Buried in the mail before the early morning, under the frost that's forming his words are calling.
And when the clock strikes 12, tell me where you gonna be?
Well I'm scared of my reflection, is it mine or is it yours?
Time drifts through the sky, without a reason why.
Rejected since day one, my name is bastard son.
Swimming in the dark, we're bound to drift apart.
(song name), don't stand aside while people make demands.
We'll never drink your medicine and we'll never think your way.
Never understood how she could, mean so little to so many.
(song name) have gone astray, have they never learned from yesterday?
(song name), churches and states, devotion turns dangerous when armed with rules of faith.
We try to stay young, by (song name).
She reads a book from across the street, waiting for someone that she'll never meet.
This heart (song name), these hands don't fight at all.
Respect is never given enough today.
Today I walked down our old street, past the diner where we'd meet.
In a garage, beside a house, there is a luxury Sedan.
We spent a life together, that should have last forever, but now it's time to sail on.
Let the rain fall down, let it fall to the ground, let the rain fall down to the ground.
The party's over, called it a night, I hope you had the time of your life.
You got the look, but not the credit, they wrote the book, on how to sell it
First LineSong
Lost in the wind, without a direction, possessed by perfection.
They found an empty bottle on her windowsill, the day her mother lost her sleeping pills.
I never bit off more than I can chew but then she came and bit me.
All we shared was a mattress, and a lie and an address.
Time, rolling along with the waves, a thousand miles away.
Vanities are only charity, and she makes donations at the Tiffany's.
Lay down, lay down with your drunken fools, I never thought you could be so cruel.
Won't you stop, take a breath, find a moment to reflect on the pure and simple choices that we fail to see.
Well I tripped, I fell down naked.
My head, it hurts, each day it's getting worse.
As I get closer, my dreams get farther.
Forced conversation, hidden agenda, you think we're stupid how dare you.
Urban hipster, the new gangster frontin' by the club.
Constant quick fixes, don't make no sense.
What you see is what you get (don't you know).
Everybody is tired and poor and sick of trying.
Oh my girl, you're so hot when you walk you melt snow.
I stumble through the wreckage, (song name).
Put me on an aeroplane a million miles away.
Wherever I go, wherever I go I have to question the hand that I hold close.
March on (song name), know your enemy.
Watching a (song name), watching a (song name) nobody cares 'til it's too late.
I should have turned and walked away, but I got tangled in your chains.
First LineSong
Down, let's take it down, raise up their heads on a stake.
Oh this heart was made of gold, now it's blackened like a coal burns red.
Tired of all the promises and never coming through.
Stuck in a crisis, without a conscience, trapped in a place we don't belong.
Like a target drawn across my chest, she's a bullet in Russian Roulette.
The gun is loaded when the glass is full, down the hatch and the trigger's pulled.
Slapped my face, slammed the door, a dozen roses lay on the floor.
Brothers in arms that share my fears, time to protect what you hold dear.
This ain't no TV show, you watch my head explode, ten thousand hours everyday.
Oh I had a feeling buried inside, covered beneath a blanket of pride.
Well, I looked at her face and then I knew she changed, my heart turned black and then the sky turned gray.
Another tragedy has set the scene for conscience to be revealed.
A (song name), he prayed behind stained glass.
Don't wait for a knight in shining armour, your savior's reflected in the mirror.
Need more friends with wings, all the angels I know put concrete in my veins.
Once there was a nation here, now there is no more.
Twisted tongues will place you in their category.
One day you're gonna wake up from this dream.
Hello, hello, hello my darling, have we reached the end?
A slap in the face, and I can't erase, these things that you say.
In a crooked little town the were lost and never found, (song name), (song name), (song name) on the ground.
Cast off the crutch that kills the pain, the (song name) waving never meant the same.
Alive, and right before your eyes, it’s easy to think twice.

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