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Can you name the Novel and Author for these chapter titles?

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Par'chin, Renna, Return to Tibbet's Brook
Krondor, Sarth, Moraelin
A Long-expected Party, Strider, Flight to the Ford
The Kraken's Daughter, The Drowned Man, The Queenmaker
The Hunt Begins, Seanchan, Falme
Blingdenstone, Most Honored Burrow-Warden, Clacker
Of Beginnings and the Names of Things, The Broken Binding, Bloodless
The Boy Who Stole Too Much, At the Court of Capa Barsavi, Out the Window
Prisoners of the Draconians, The Speaker of the Suns, Tanis and Laurana
Warriors in the Mist, The School For Wizards, The Dragon of Pendor
Chade's Tower, Galeton, Buckkeep Town
Stormblessed, The Shattered Plains, Bridge Four
A Rider's Blade, The Witch and the Werecat, Arya's Test
The Rainbow Run, The Dark Tower, In the Darkwood

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