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Can you name the 18 ICAO SARPS Annexes?

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ClueAnnex NameAnnex No.
They don't allow just anyone to fly a plane; you need certain paperwork first1
The law for pilots2
What's the weather like up there?3
Navigation would be really hard without these4
Imperial or Metric?5
How do you fly this thing?6
Where is your plane from?7
Will it fly? That is the question. These rules will give you the answer8
Rules for transporting passengers and their luggage9
ClueAnnex NameAnnex No.
It's good to talk, especially when flying10
The skyway patrol11
The big, yellow taxi service. Your first call, following an unscheduled landing on a remote desert island12
When you break something, see these rules13
Always a good idea to start and end a flight at these14
These services are an endless source of useful knowledge15
Rules for looking after the planet16
Protection of aircraft from the bad and the stupid17
How to handle dodgy cargo with care18

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