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ClueCountry / Place
Visit the home of Gavrilo Princip and the Black hand
Visit the home of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Visit the naval base surprise attacked by the Japanese
Visit the neutral country invaded by Germany on its way to France during the Schileffen Plan
Visit the country of the 14 Points
Visit the country that Germany proposed an alliance with through the Zimmerman Telegram
Visit the ship that was sunk by German U-boats
Visit the palace that bears the name of the damaging Post World War 1 treaty
Visit the building where this failed organization met after World War One
Visit the area of Russia where political prisoners were sent
Visit the buildings that were addressed by the Five Year Plan
Visit the Fascist country of Mussolini
Visit the home Hitler that he united with Germany through Anschluss
Visit the city where the policy of appeasement was practiced
Visit the new country formed after World War One to unite Slavic people
Visit the country that experienced the testing of Hitler and Mussolini's weapons
Visit the country of prime ministers George, Chamberlain and Churchil
Visit the country that prevented, momentarily, war between Germany and Soviet Union
Visit the place from which the Allies were famously evacuated
Visit the British city that was bombed by Germany
ClueCountry / Place
Visit the first Japanese city that had an atomic bomb dropped on them by the United States
Visit the turning point of the war in the Pacific
Visit the French airport named for the French politician during World War 2
Visit the piece of Czechoslovakian land that was given to Hitler through appeasement
Visit the first area conquered by Hitler to combat the Post World War One treaty
Visit the area attacked by Japan prior to World War Two
Visit the areas that were addressed by the Truman Doctrine
Visit the island where the Nationalists fled to
Visit the area of Korea that attempted to remain anti-communist
Visit the communist country led by Mao
Visit the newly formed land that wanted by the PLO
Visit the controversial country formed in 1948
Visit the worship building of the Islamic faith
Visit the Arab Spring country where Hosni Mubarak was desposed from
Visit the country that the United States invaded after 9-11 to address the Taliban
Visit the holy city of Jews, Muslims and Christians
Visit the home of the Ayatollah
Visit the country of the Kaiser and the Weimar
Visit the home of the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein
Visit the country that was invaded by the Allied Powers to save it from the grips of the Germans

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