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What was the name given to the laws of Napoleon?
A rebirth of art and love towards all things Greek and Roman
A pass that forgave you of your sins
What line divided the undiscovered land between the Spanish and the Portuguese?
What disease ravaged the native populations of the New World?
What name was given to the journey the slaves took from Africa to the New World?
According to what economic system should a nation try to acquire as many colonies as it could?
What type of government had power consolidated into one person who ruled by divine right?
What was the name of Louis XIV's palace?
What group of Chinese revolted against Western influence?
Where did the Renaissance begin?
What French monarch converted from Protestantism to Catholicism?
What Spanish monarch was in power during the defeat of the Spanish Armada?
Who was the lord protector of the Commonwealth?
What Stuart monarch was executed?
What did William and Mary have to sign prior to becoming the rulers of England?
Whose time in power was nicknamed the Restoration?
Cardinal Richelieu hated the ______ and the Huguenots.
What religious group did Louis XIV force out the country?
What was Queen Elizabeth I's nickname?
What time period was nicknamed the 'Age of Reason?'
Who wrote the Leviathan?
Who believed in Life, Liberty, and Property?
What did Voltaire defend?
What African country was established as a settlement for freed slaves?
What multi-volume book did Diderot edit?
What religious background was Oliver Cromwell
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How many branches of government did Montesquieu believe in?
Rousseau believe that society _____ the individual.
Who was the hero of two revolutions?
What Queen of France was hated by her people because of her spending habits?
Which English monarchs worked better with Parliament (Tudor or Stuart)?
What leader of the Committee of Public Safety organized the Reign of Terror?
What document of the French Revolution ended the estate system in France?
Peasants and the middle class made up what estate?
What failed system of Napoleon's hurt the European economy?
What movement caused people to move to the cities?
What industry to was the first to industrialize?
What country was the first to industrialize?
What two natural resources did England have that made it an industrialized country?
What prison fortress was stormed by the peasants?
What two new groups of people began to make their way into the workforce?
What poem was used as a justification for the civilizing of the uncivilized?
What group of Indians revolted against British control?
If you had a sphere of influence in a region, what kind of rights did you have?
What African country remained independent of the control of Imperialist countries?
What African country was home to the Suez Canal?
What country, other than the Holy Roman Empire, did Charles V rule over?
What movement was designed to rid Spain, and other European countries, of religions other than Catholicism?
Where was the Boer War primarily fought?
What precious metal were the Spanish explorers searching for during the Age of Exploration?
What was Louis XIV's nickname?
What imperialist figure used African slave labor in his diamond mines?
What directional device aided in the exploration of the New World?

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